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Professional Tree Services

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Directional felling

It is always our priority to ensure the safe removal of a tree with minimum disruption.  Where possible, we will fell a tree, however, the amount of space required to achieve this safely often prevents this approach.


Dismantling/ Sectional felling

When directional felling is not possible, we will dismantle a tree, branch by branch.  Dependant on space and safety, we are often able to lower the branches by hand.  When this is not possible, lowering ropes will be used.

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Thinning a tree is the act of reducing the density of the branches, decreasing wind sail and improving light.


This is the removal of the dead wood within the tree.  Deadwooding is generally carried out for safety reasons, reducing the risk of branches falling.

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Crown reduction

Crown reduction involves reducing and reshaping the overall size of the tree by an agreed percentage, usually no more than by 30%.  This is specialist tree work which results in several advantages, these include improved appearance, increased safety and when done correctly, prolonged life of the tree.

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Crown lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of the lower branches of the tree.  This would be done when more space is required below the canopy, also increasing light and improving the overall appearance of the tree and the area around the tree.

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Pollarding is the removal of all branches from the tree.  Although not aesthetically pleasing at first, this is a form of tree surgery that restricts the growth of a tree, and when done regularly, ensures it does not grow beyond the preferred height.

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Fruit Tree Pruning

To stimulate the tree to fruit and to maintain a suitable sized tree for the garden or orchard, we encourage regular fruit tree pruning, the frequency of which is dependant of the type of tree.

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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is performed when a tree is removed and a stump is left in its place.  Grinding down the stump ensures the area is left looking clean, tidy and aesthetically pleasing.

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